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Spanish for Kids brings Spanish language lessons to Glasgow’s nurseries, schools, after school clubs and other open centres where we can work with children from 3 years to 12 years old. We are a team of native Spanish teachers who are fully qualified and experienced in childhood development.

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We are constantly keeping up to date with research and studies based on the methodology of teaching, learning a second language and the study of language acquisition. Learning a second language has several benefits for children; it can increase their confidence, improves their creativity and can make them successful learners. We create our own lessons exclusively for our students and can also tailor individual plans for establishments if required.


3 to 5 years

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5 – 12 Years

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After School Classes

4 – 12 Years

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Spanish for Kids is coming to the Glasgow East!

Every Thursday from the 22nd of March

St Bridget’s Church Hall


15 Swinton Rd , Glasgow, G69 6DT

from 16:45 till 17:45

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Little People Learn Best


Improves children’s listening and speaking skills. It is a great way to provide fun materials that will enhance the process of learning a new language…

Role Playing

Enourages children to develop their communication skills in Spanish. Here they can act out, explore, investigate and experiment with the language…

Arts & Crafts

Allows children’s imagination and creativity skills to flourish. It is a great way to transfer their thoughts and ideas into creations…


Is an integral part of our teaching method, and it is considered to be the most basic and relevant form of expression…

Physical Activity

Is essential for growth, balance and coordination. It can also develop social and emotional skills…

Curriculum for Excellence

We follow the national curriculum to ensure we provide an enriched learning program. This is done using a cross-curricular approach…

Benefits to learning an additional language.

More than a language Children learn best! They don’t need to put in any effort or neither do they have all the complexes we do as adults. Wouldn’t you want to be a child again? When all you had in mind was to play and have fun. Nonetheless, playing is children’s work and just as important as our own [...]