Unique Selling Points & Subjects

Children are learning Spanish through a cross-curricular approach. During our activities, we explore and reinforce, Literacy, Maths, Expressive Arts, Social studies, Health and well-being, Science and Religion and moral education. We talk about the Spanish and Latin America culture.

Our plan can be designed to fit every establishment’s plan.

We make children happy!

Having fun while learning is as important as the learning. When children are feeling happy and relaxed they are more perceptive to learning and participating. This not only allows them to learn more easily, it also boosts their confidence and their self-esteem and in turn boosts their social skills with others. This enables children to develop strong bonds with other children

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  • We aim to create little bilinguals

  • Our team are all native Spanish speakers

We are passionate about children and we want them to be high achievers.

We understand that all children learn differently and that they are unique individuals. We believe in our children and we will find a tailored approach to suit every individual child’s learning needs.

Our background is in childhood education and in addition to that we teach Spanish.

As opposed to other teachers who have mostly learned Spanish. They may not be experts in child education and how children learn best.

Many non-native Spanish teachers make basic grammatical mistakes when speaking Spanish and they do don’t possess the accent that comes naturally to us.

This, in turn, will have an effect on the children’s ability to speak the language, commonly making grammatical mistakes and not acquiring the Spanish accent.

We try to reinforce and immerse children in the Spanish language

as much as possible, therefore we only speak English when necessary.


Children are learning Spanish through a cross-curricular where we also explore and reinforce other subjects in accordance with the Curriculum for Excellence such as

  • Science

  • Religion Education

  • Moral Education

  • Spanish & Latin American Culture

  • Literacy

  • Maths

  • Expressive Arts

  • Social Studies

  • Health & Well-being

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