Our Aim

To make children happy!
Having fun whilst learning is as important as the learning itself. When children are feeling happy and relaxed they are more perceptive to learning and participating. This not only allows them to learn more easily, it also boosts their confidence and self-esteem which in turn boosts their social skills.

Our aim is for children to have fun and learn without noticing they are learning and progressing. We believe in our children and we will find a tailored approach to suit every individual child’s learning needs. We are experts in identifying which type of learners we have and then work our magic based on that.

Each class is planned with activities and resources adapted to reach the expected outcome planned for the day, however our classes are mainly child led and directed. If the children ask questions, show an interest on other topics or want to lead the play experience into another direction then we will easily adapt and go with their flow. If they enjoy what they are doing, then they will be more prone to learning and more open to perceiving and understanding the world around them.

Our classes can be tailored according to any nurseries theme or outcome they may be working on at the time. This reinforces the learning experience and allows for continuity between both learning outcomes.

Family groups

(Various locations around Glasgow depending on the demand)

Family groups are ideal for parents or caregivers who want to have fun learning Spanish alongside their children. The classes encourage children to learn, develop strong bonds with both parents or caregivers and it enables them to reinforce what they are learning at home. Family learning is the best! (This class is designed for children not adults)

We offer tips and advice on how to continue the learning at home or on the go.

We can come to you! Organise a Spanish group with friends and neighbours. Find at least six friends, pick a day and time and we will bring Spanish classes to your house once a week.

Note: This option is limited to the availability of teachers.

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