Classes: from 6 months to 12 years

Having fun while learning is as important as the learning itself. When children are feeling happy and relaxed they are more perceptive to learning and participating. This not only allows them to learn more easily, it also boosts their confidence and self-esteem which in turn boosts their social skills.

Each class is planned with activities and resources adapted to reach the expected outcome planned for the day, however, our classes are mainly child led and directed. If the children ask questions, show an interest in other topics or want to take the play experience through another direction then we will easily adapt and go with their flow. If they enjoy what they are doing, then they will be more prone to learning and more open to perceiving and understanding the world around them.

Class Availability

We can also tailor our weekly lessons to the plan of any nursery or school, as this allows for continuity and to reinforce what the children are learning.

Classes Start from age 6 months to age 12.


Children are learning Spanish through a cross-curricular where we also explore and reinforce other subjects in accordance with the Curriculum for Excellence such as

  • Science

  • Religion Education

  • Moral Education

  • Spanish & Latin American Culture

  • Literacy

  • Maths

  • Expressive Arts

  • Social Studies

  • Health & Well-being

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6 months to 5 years

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5 – 12 Years

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After School Clubs

3 – 12 Years

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Little People Learn Best


Is a great way to provide fun materials that will enhance the process of learning a new language by improving the children’s listening and speaking skills, pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary. Learning a new language through song facilitates the learning process and memory recall. Children also develop their own musical abilities, mood, and motivation, which in turn can enhance children’s confidence to speak in Spanish.

Role Playing

Enables children to develop their communication skills in Spanish. Here they can act out, explore, investigate and experiment their new language skills and use them into the relevant context with others. They have the opportunity to impersonate different roles and learn about the culture, express their ideas and emotions in a relaxed way. It is brilliant to develop self-awareness and empathise with others. This is a creative and imaginative form of learning.

Arts & Crafts

Allows children’s imagination and creativity skills to flourish. A great way to transfer their thoughts and ideas into creations and as a means communication and expression of who they are how they feel. Great to create an atmosphere for bonding and using their new language skills to talk about what they are making, the materials, colours and creative ideas. As children get creative and they’re busy with the task at hand, they are able to use their new language skills even without realising they are doing so.


Is an integral part of our teaching method, and it is considered to be the most basic and relevant forms of expression. Combining music and movement allows children to learn to control their bodies, follow simple instructions and directions. Learning another language through dance enables us to teach various concepts such as our body, coordination, movements, colours, feeling and emotions. Besides, children are drawn to music and dancing, this brings social and emotional benefits, When young children dance together, they begin to construct a sense of community and appreciation for each other.

Physical Activity

We all know that Physical activity is essential for growth, balance and coordination, physical, social and emotional development and burning off some built up energy. Moreover at Spanish for kids we also use it to learn the language as children us their bodies to play fun and energetic games that motivate them to concentrate and follow rules and instructions in Spanish. Linking words with actions that will stick in their minds forever.

Curriculum for Excellence

Spanish for Kids follows the national curriculum to ensure we provide an enriched learning program, through an approach that is cross-curricular and relevant to the national standards for learning. We also place a great emphasis on inter-disciplinary learning, skills development and encouraging personal achievement. Like the CfE we to aim to foster all four capacities in all young people: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.